EMF Fitness Centre has transformed their club to Biggera Waters's largest facility focused on the health and wellbeing of members and staff. 


"Being a fitness Fanatic"
Ricky Moso

A 24 hour gym for all Gold Coast residents

Tired of visiting various gyms in the Gold Coast and not finding a single health club that provides the kind of health & fitness options that you’d like? Take a look at the 24 hour fitness options we offer at EMF Fitness. Our large and fully-equipped fitness training facilities will ensure that you receive quality instruction and assistance when it comes to gym and fitness services on the Gold Coast.

We provide our members with a 24 hour gym that has all of the equipment and facilities they need to achieve high-level health and fitness results. Our premises has the size of a large gym, the quality personal service of an exclusive health club and the affordability of a small, local 24 hour fitness provider. This all combines to give you an absolutely complete gym and fitness solution – no matter what age you are, or what kind of fitness training results you’re after.

Our team at EMF Fitness Centre offer three levels of membership, all of which give you access to our effective and friendly free classes – but can also include free orientation services to help you get your bearings and a free personal training session to introduce you to one of our nine professional and approachable personal trainers.

We would be proud to have you on our team and achieving the personal fitness results that you’ve always been looking for: simply call us at 0466 649 010 and we’ll have you sorted out in no time. Talk to our EMF Fitness Centre team and we’ll answer absolutely any enquiry that you have.